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With more people at home during Covid, we have some people new to gaming or thinking about gaming and don’t know where to start. You also might be thinking now is a good time to upgrade you PC and the accessories. The main difference between the usual desktop computers and gaming computers is the CPU and graphics card. With everyone being home on Zoom, it makes a gaming computer an ideal option of your next PC.

Now lets talk about accessories. Cameras, mice, keyboards, even mouse pads. If you really wanted to get into it, we can even look at the RGB Color bars for accent lighting behind your videos.

If your here, you probably already have the gaming PC. We live in an age when gaming quality accessories are coming down in price and not as hard to come by. We have companies such as Razer, Logitech, Roccat and others offering gaming accessories to enhance your gaming experience. If you have just begun using game equipment, it is very important to match your device with the appropriate accessories.This is how the cool kids do it. If not, you could be restricting the over-all presentation accessible to you. Many of the newer devices now talk to each other. For example Alienware FX which controls the colors on your keyboard can sync with some of the Roccat Keyboards and mouse so your color can carry across all your devices.

We like finding gaming accessories for your PC that wont break your budget either. For us, the best gaming stuff is the ones that offer gaming performance at none gaming prices. The small things will make your gaming setup feel special. Things like your mouse page. Not the small square ones, look at the full width ones. This changes the texture and feel of your work space.

Check out some of our Gaming mouse pads

One of the next things we like to upgrade is the gaming mouse. With the prices now being the equivelant to a normal computer mouse, theres not reason not to upgrade. The hardest part is knowing which one fits your gaming style the best. In general look for the one with the highest DPI (dots per inch). The higher a mouse’s DPI, the farther the cursor on your screen will move when you move the mouse. This is really important on first person shooters and aiming. Our favorites right now are the Roccat and Redragon Check out our gaming mice.

The next accessory to have is an external keyboard. Don’t used your laptop keyboard like an animal. If you have a desktop computer or tower, you have that cheap keyboard with no lights that came with it. Its time for an upgrade. Mechanical keyboards are in right now. Google Mechanical keyboard sounds and you will find different videos on people showing the sounds so you can compare. Most gaming keyboards now are mechanical, but some are not. It really is a personal preference and then everything else is lighting. Yes for the gaming nerds out there, they do have full specs on our descriptions so you can see the response times. excellent gaming keyboards made specifically for gaming will help you game better thanks to their accuracy, speed, and performance. Check out our list of gaming keyboards.

Quality headsets and speakers are also necessary with your gaming setup. Most gamers prefer a headset. A good headset will let you hear the footsteps of an approaching enemy. Things to consider when looking at gaming headphones are the ear pads. After gaming for more than an hour, the cheaper ones will start to lose comfort. We’ve went through and found some really good gaming headphones that have quality mics and comfortable for hours of gaming. Check out our list of gaming headphones.

Here are some accessories available now to upgrade your gaming pc.