Best Gaming Desktop for kids playing Fortnite

fortnite player in game

We’ve put together the top 5 entry level gaming pc’s under 1000.00 that any kid could experience a great Fortnite experience. Everyone contributing on this site prefers that 3k-4k gaming setup, but what a lot of people dont realize is you can get some entry level gaming computer desktop computers that have some pretty good specs.

Lets get to some basics by looking at the minimum requirements we would need for a PC geared toward Fornight.

Minimum System Requirements for Playing Fortnite

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 2.4 Ghz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • GPU: Intel HD 4000

We would actually bump that up to 8 gb of ram and a GPU GTX 1060, but if your looking to get your 10 year old into gaming without selling the family car, lets look the basics and hoping this will spark them to want to ideally build their own gaming setup in the future.

Fortnite isn’t a demanding game. All you need is an Intel Core i5 or AMD CPU, a halfway decent video card, and 8GB RAM. We could also argue that an Core i3 with the proper ram and video card could be enough to run Fortnite.

We specifically went on the hunt as if we were that parent trying to find a gaming pc for their 10 year old and wants to only spend around 500 bucks. Also RGB lighting is all the rage right now, and it seems like lower end computers are all getting this treatment and it looks cool so why not.